President’s Quarterly Report

BHACC PRESIDENT’S REPORT 28th FEBRUARY 2022 Thanks to our committee, for attending our first face to face committee meeting of 2022 at Adelene Village. Seniors’ Week BHACC are hoping that they will host a captioned movie in Seniors’ Week on 5th April at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. There will be further notification closer to the date.

Hearing Loss Management Groups Adelene group is being held by Graham Abbott every Monday. Gosford group commenced their sessions last Thursday and are being held every Thursday by Geraldine Plumb. Both groups are starting at an earlier time now. These groups show how to improve your hearing awareness and sensory skills, by using sight and lip reading, together with any hearing aids worn.

Thanks to group leaders and members, who keep these beneficial groups alive and well. Tele audiology & Phone Technology Thanks to our Treasurer, Ian Rimes, for continuing to be a consumer’s voice on a panel for tele audiology and for advice to our members and BHA Inc. (National). BHA Inc. (National) Lyn Davies and Margaret McKenzie are still involved as assistants to the Interim committee of BHA Inc. Thanks to both ladies, who have worked diligently for the past 18 months to two years.

Changes are still taking place within BHA Inc. BHACC Administration Please note that the only phone working presently is BHACC’s dedicated mobile phone 0480 399 809. Members can call or text that number. Or if you prefer to use email, our email address is News of a Website BHACC are hoping to have a website operating soon, to reach out to members and people, who may not be aware of our association and may need support.

If members have suggestions to enhance our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Sydney group of Meniere’s webinars continue. If anyone would like to watch these webinars, please contact our office, preferably by email. International Women’s’ Day (I.W.D.) 5th March 2022 BHACC will again be staffing a table at this event, also in line with World Hearing Day 3 rd March.

Come and have a look, it’s an interesting day. It is being held at The Entrance Community Centre, Battley Ave, The Entrance, between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

Take care, stay safe, Jeannine Asciak

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