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Supporting the Hard of Hearing on the Coast since 1977

The Skillion at Terrigal, Central Coast

Mission Statement

The Central Coast Branch of Better Hearing Australia (BHACC) strives to improve the quality of life for people with a hearing impairment by promoting good communication and life solutions through the provision of education, support and advocacy.

Who Do We Assist?

We assist all hard of hearing people, their families and friends with information and advice on hearing.

Our Beginnings

Better Hearing Australia (BHA) was founded in Victoria early after World War I.
The first Central Coast lip-reading class was held in 1977. The class was led by members of Newcastle’s BHA at the request of the Gosford Hospital Audiologist, in order to assist the hard of hearing who could not find the support they needed in any existing services at the time.
In 1981 the Better Hearing Australia Central Coast (BHACC) branch was established.
BHACC maintains the strong philosophy of self-help and draws on the value of volunteer-led support groups.

You can find out more about who we are and the way we assist the hard of hearing, and their family and friends, by exploring the pages of this site, or by contacting us directly.

BHACC Membership

Membership of BHACC includes partners, family and friends of hearing-impaired people.
Membership entitles attendance at the weekly Hearing Loss Management Group meetings, access to information, advocacy and webinar links.

Regular contact is maintained with members through the distribution of fortnightly newsletters and other relevant hearing loss information.

Why Choose Us

The members of Better Hearing Australia are predominantly hearing impaired people and understand the hearing loss journey that others are taking.

We DO NOT provide hearing services or SELL hearing aids but offer advice and support to the hard of hearing, their family and friends so that they can be more inclusive in everyday living.

Do you have hearing aids or assistive listening devices that are no longer used? Then we can have them reconditioned and given to people who are unable to afford to buy these devices.

Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you.

The Management Committee

President Jeannine Asciak
Vice-President Lyn Davies
Secretary Julie Asprey
Treasurer Ian Rimes
Committee Member Margaret McKenzie
Committee Member Peter Moore
Public Officer Graham Abbott

Hearing Loss Management Support Group Leaders

Geraldine Plumb
Graham Abbott
Gay Grillmeier

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We believe that through shared experiences, lives can be changed, and quality of lives improved.

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